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All pools start with a 1% fee and may go up or down depending on maintenance costs

About Us was formed to provide trustworthy cryptocurrency mining resources, hosted on secure resources in the US and EU.

We strive to provide up to date news, software and information to everyone from the newest crypto miner to the most seasoned veteran. We choose our coin pools based on profitability, popularity and good old-fashioned research. If you want us to stand up a pool for a new or "hot" currency, please CONTACT US

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Monero (XMR) : 49YUmAey5THUCU98KBwp5HBzvgxtncqq4NC6Fubfbax6T1NCrxVXzvAXSoRvQhWi8hUcLQD4ZVe5eGz3p2RRbXQESh1tQ3Y

Electroneum (ETN) : etnkMtaWr2zaZCCRMdV53sc7cgqZCDjyYFuWym1dLUtKR2YZb6YUF7iQuUVFKEz2maWVmDKXDEuM7US6vaJe5a2y9iUrJ4ATQf

Bitcoin (BTC) : 1JqqgdA4QiFsxLGg487kdFywAL6QukmQ7F


electroneum chose Electroneum (ETN) as their first coin due to its easy mineability and high reported profit ( ETN was started in the UK by known industry professionals and despite an early security issue, appears poised to launch in the early weeks of December.

To mine Electroneum with DEDPOOL server located in the US (Texas), visit page

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LIVE! Monero has performed very well alongside BTC and ETH but is still reasonable to mine.

To mine Monero with DEDPOOL, visit

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LIVE! PIRL takes a shot at the DEDPOOL!

To mine PIRL with DEDPOOL, visit

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LIVE! RavenCoin flies into the DEDPOOL!

To mine RavenCoin at DEDPOOL, visit

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Browser Mining

Support by donating your cpu time. Just click the link below to open a new tab and start mining to support dedpool!

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